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About Pinnacle View

Pinnacle View is a unique and innovative Life Enrichment Coaching Company. Elizabeth Trinkaus, owner and founder, has been working with individuals, groups and businesses for over 20 years in a perpetual quest to promote harmony of thought and experience.

When we recognize the power to change our thinking, we are inspired to design our lives from within leaving the limitations of our old thoughts and “baggage” behind.

Recognize the power of your thoughts
Identify obstacles to what you want
to manifest
Eliminate self-defeating thoughts
and behaviors
Combine action with goals and vision
Increase effectiveness
Create a powerful life that brings you success, satisfaction and joy

Why waste our energy on limiting beliefs when we can change them and experience ultimate human freedom – the freedom that comes from enriching the quality of our own lives. Empowered people recognize their ability to create their lives and make good decisions that bring about positive changes both personally and professionally. They also become more peaceful and productive people from the inside out.

About Elizabeth Trinkaus
Pinnacle View - Elizabeth Trinkaus Negative self-talk depletes our energy...

Elizabeth is an intuitive Master Coach with over 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples, families, groups and corporations. She designed an eccelerated coaching program that yields commanding results for her clients. Her approach to empowering her clients incorporates identifying and clearing inner child blocks and negative tapes that keep us from achieving personal and professional success.

Elizabeth's other creations include:
- Co-author of Conversations On Success with Deepak Chopra and Mark Victor Hansen
- Co-author of Success Simplified with Steven Covey and others
- Work/Life Balance Immersion Program at a Fortune 500 Company
- Employee Importance Program (EIP) - Taking care of your #1 asset, your employees
- Mighty Isis Club - Ongoing workshops and retreats designed for women to experience life
  affirming shifts
- Life Enrichment Spa Series - Wellness retreats within spas
- Former guest columnist for "American Spa Magazine"- writing about creative ideas to inspire
- Retreat Designer and Presenter - Soul-inspiring getaways

Elizabeth's personal joys include her life partner Greg, her pups Tali and Isis, her work (which she loves), travel, and celebrating life with family and friends.

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